Winning 101

So I am no expert on the topic but I have found some very interesting ways of edging out the odds. I have spent much of my life trying to see patterns and putting the information I find to good use. It is very nice when I can use some bit of information I have obtained to support me in a healthy financial lifestyle. Everyone likes to gamble but not everyone understands the dynamics of it leaving them in the dark about some key elements. For example, why would anyone play a 90% payout machine when right across the isle is a machine which clearly boasts a 99% payout? It is this type of behavior which has allowed the casino industry to become what it is.

It is always my goal when entering into any type of wager, to ensure the odds are tilted as for in my favor as possible. I always do this in a fair and honest way, as I would expect most people would. It isn’t my goal to get something that is not mine but to have the highest chance of earning that which I do not have… If you keep your eyes open, know the rules and are able to jump on opportunity when it arises, you can do the same thing. Creating a much more enjoyable and profitable atmosphere when you are enjoying a bit of gambling.

My favorite way to gamble is the table games. I know how to play a lot of games and I and pretty good at a few. I try to sharpen my skills in the game play arena as often as I can. It really is practice that makes perfect when you are dealing with this particular situation. The fact is that the more hands of poker you play the more scenarios you will be able to observe and analyze. You have to be able to figure out how people react when they are in certain situations and this is just as important as how you react in these same situations. The only way you can learn these things is by actually playing the game.

Now days, I can just choose one of the games I have a good handle on, sit down at a table for a few minutes and get to know each of the others players style. Sometimes, I don’t even get to play any of my hands before politely excusing myself to find a more appropriate group to try play against. There are several reasons to move. Maybe I feel that some of the players if not a majority of them are on my playing level or higher. It might be that I don’t feel any of them are playing with a large enough roll to win any money…

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