Vegas Favorites

I have spent a lot of time in different sites playing different types of games. I have made a career path from this work and it makes me very happy. I think there are several key factors that make a good online gaming experience. I would like to go over some of the things that I think make it worth my wild to continue visiting but first I want to explain that before I played online I focused on casino playing solely.

Of coarse I still like play at the casinos but it has become secondary to me. My real money maker now is online play. The largest reason for this is the varied levels of play as well as the pure number of hours and people online gambling. Simply put, it is much easier to find a good game to play online. When you are looking for a game at an actual casino, you never know what you are going to get. You might have to look at three or four places to find a good game if you can find one at all. Mainly now, I play at casinos for large scale events and keep my day to day activity in the virtual world.

When I do decide to play online it is important that I can enjoy the look and feel of game play I am used to. I have been to a lot of online casinos that didn’t come close to the quality that I need in order to use it but I have been doing this for a long time. As a matter of fact it took technology a long time to catch up with the idea of online gambling. It was nearly impossible to enjoy a good game just a short while ago because of bad connectivity. At least that issue is a thing of the past. The Internet is plenty fast enough to enjoy the fast pace I am used to so now, it is mainly a matter of the graphics.

If a room wants my money, they have to earn it by entertaining me. I am not all about the money… I want to have a visually spectacular room with all of the dings and whistles I am used to seeing in Vegas. I want to see smooth transactions in game play, nothing choppy or hard to see. Many sites are still not up to my standards but more and more they are showing up. I actually go on a search for new and exciting venues every few months now because they just keep popping up. I am sure you would agree that it is important not only for the site you are visiting to be functional but also that it is enjoyable as well.

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